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Chimney Doctor

The Highest Standards In Chimney Sweeping

Drawing on our experience in installing and maintaining chimneys,
 fires, and stoves, we offer a service we call ‘Chimney Doctor’. 

We use our experience of all type of solid fuel fires to identify issues in relation to poor performance
 – and propose solutions which we can put in place. 

We can also offer re-assurance that an installation is in good order should it be required.

If you have a concern – get in touch and we can let you know how we can help.  

We also have the latest CCTV cameras to carry out detailed video surveys, up inside the full length of the chimney, we can carry out draught tests and pressure tests to establish the integrity of a chimney and write reports for insurance companies. 

We also offer consultancy services to professionals involved in projects that include solid fuel installations to give them peace of mind in the solutions proposed. 

We can remedy issues such as:

  • Smoke coming into rooms from fire / stove / woodburner
  • Bad smells coming from fire or chimney
  • No heat
  • Condemned chimney
  • Fire keeps going out
  • Chimney fires
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